Demolition in Jefferson City

Demolition Jefferson City

Jefferson City Demolition

Commercial, residential and municipal customers in Jefferson’s city depend upon Excavating Jefferson City Inc. for complete satisfaction in demolition, wrecking, and waste removal on job sites of all sizes. Our projects vary from simple demolition to complete building demolition and site clearing.

The demolition process is a skilled profession that is often taken for granted. Excavating Jefferson City Inc. also specializes in an explosive demolition. Our company crews are trained, certified and skilled craftsmen who always pride themselves in their quality work.

Our experts are equipped to control every type of demolition project. Our team is committed to complete our customer’s projects in a timely, proficient, and cost-effective manner.

In demolition, our company provide services also include

  • Complete takedowns
  • Selective demolition
  • Commercial, residential and industrial building demolition
  • Interior guts
  • Concrete work
  • Land clearing
  • Tree removal
  • Foundation removal
  • Site cleanups and site preparation for the next use
  • Small bridge demolition
  • Rock removal
  • Concrete removal
  • Asphalt Removal

Helping you to construct better!

Construction projects not always start with a clean land, but somewhat an existing property with structures. Site demolition is one of the most dangerous phases of a project that the contractor can undertake. Safety is our paramount priority. Having proper knowledge about demolition help a contractor to significantly reduce accidents and injuries.

Our demolition contractor also knows regulatory compliance, and they have experienced due to working with agencies and community groups. We provide a complete demolition plan, our experts work with regulatory agencies and interested community groups, offering turnkey project management to make sure a project success.

As a demolition contractor in Jefferson’s City, the specialists at Excavating Jefferson City Inc. work directly with private sectors, municipalities, and contractors to offer demolition services for commercial and residential buildings, walls, storage tanks, and bridges throughout the city area.

The company employs an impressively extensive staff of operating engineers, laborers, project managers, and field supervisors.  Some of our professionals have over 20 years of industry experience. This heavily contributes to the company’s excellent reputation for delivering high-quality demolition services, great customer service, and reliable industry expertise.

Safety is a Concern!

An inappropriately demolished building brings a wide range of safety risks for the demolition team and also for the surrounding properties.

Excavating Jefferson City Inc. is a demolition contractor in Jefferson’s City and has a certified demolition supervisor on staff who oversee demolition operations. Our demolition supervisor and staff are licensed and certified.

Our team helps to protect all people and equipment involved during each demolition project by confirming the accuracy and by using advanced GPS technology. In Demolition our crew members work together to notice and clear all hazardous materials and waste before demolition.

Our demolition crews can improve turnaround time by crushing through heavyweight materials and clear all rebar as quickly as possible by using excavators, multiprocessors, and portable impact crushers.

We as a demolition contractor always struggle to maintain a safe and healthy approach to protect the environment, by proper disposal of all materials throughout each phase of the demolition process.